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Uyghur food (Uyghur Yemekliklari) is characterized by mutton, beef, camel, chicken, goose, carrots, tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggplant, celery, various dairy foods, and fruits. As the Uyghur people believed in Islam, so the Uyghur food is 100 percent Muslim Food. Uyghur cuisine is an original memorial to the culture of the people. It synthesizes influences of the West and East, antiquity and the present, great skill, imagination, beauty and harmony of taste. Here we’d like to introduce some of the meals that are the most popular among the Uyghurs.  

Uyghur-style breakfast is tea with home-baked bread, hardened (Nan

) yogurt, olives,honey, raisins, and almonds. Uyghurs like to treat guests with tea, Nanand fruit before the main dishes are ready.

Tea occupies an important place in a diet of the Uyghurs. Since theSilk Roadpassed through Uyghur territories, tea has been known to them for considerable period of time. The Uyghurs make tea in different ways and have their own tea rituals.

Laghman: (Uyghur: ??????), is a special type of handmade noodle, very favorite, each an every Uyghur eat at least once a day ,made from flour, water and salt. The dough is divided into small balls and then stretched by hand. The noodles are boiled until very soft and then served topped with stir-fried meat, vegetables (bell peppers,chilipeppers, cabbage, onion, tomatoes), in meat stock.

Polou (Uyghur: ????) (rice platters also known as pilaf or plov, with lamb or chicken, mostly lamb). The Uyghurs frequently cook “polo” - pilaf. It considered to be the king of Uyghur cuisine. In general, this dish is the meal of guests. For a large

number of people, “polou” is cooked by “Ashpez”, specially invited cook who takes care of preparing “polo” on weddings or commemoration services. Cooking “polou” requires hefty skills. Ingredients are rice, meat, carrots and onions. Pretty often “polou” is dressed with garlic or raisin. 

Bread is the Central Asian-style home -baked flat bread known as Nan in Uyghur: ???), using sesame seeds, butter, milk, vegetable oil, salt, and sugar.Nans are usually baked in Tono (cone-shaped oven) Nan  baked in “tono” is considered the most nutritious, because it absorbs heat of fire. There are more than 40 (forty) ways of makingNan(bread) in Uyghur cuisine. 

Kebabs: seasoned with chili powder, salt, black pepper, and zire (cumin), are eaten with the skewer parallel to the mouth, gripping the kebab closest to the end with one's teeth and sliding it off the pointed edge into one's mouth.

Another popular Xinjiang dish is Da Pan Ji (???), which is literally translated as 'Big Plate Fried Chicken'.

Sangza (Uyghur: ?????) are crispy and tasty fried wheat flour dough twists, kind of snack with a holiday specialty.

Samsa (Uyghur: ?????) are lamb pies baked using a special brick salted oven. Very favorite and one of the most honored ancient Uighur dishes. It is a patty filled with ground meat and onions, gourd, vegetables and fruits. “Samsa” is cooked in “tono” – cone-shaped oven for baking bread or in a cauldron. Dough for “samsa” is kneaded depending on where it would be cooked. For example, for “tono samsa” dough is kneaded salty and stiff, for “samsa” cooked in a cauldron, dough could be flabby and not stiff, or salty and yeasty. 

 Göshnan (Uyghur: ??????) are pan-grilled lamb pies filled with meat and onions and baked in a cauldron or in pan. Similar toPisa,

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