K2 trekking on China side

K2 Trekking from China side

Guaranteed Departure Dates for 2018

  • Kashgar –Kashgar August 31st 2018 – September 24th 2018

    Bishkek –Bishkek August 29th 2018 – September 26th 2018

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This expedition takes place in March/April, May, Late August, September and October before and after the intense heat of the summer and the water levels in the Shaksgam Rivers are reduced

Where to Start: you can either join group at Bishkek or in Kashgar,

Best time to do this Expedition: April May, until mid-June, September and October

Trip Overview: if have your own planned schedule to start and would like to do this expedition more privately and if you would like to have a detailed price quotation please feel free to contact us,  If you let us know what you would like to change we can adjust the Itinerary.

The North base camp of K2 lies in a remote south western corner of China's Xinjiang province. Only a handful of people have ever travelled to this isolated mountain wilderness on the north side of the Karakoram Range. Recently opened to foreigners, this is one of the most unspoiled and least visited parts of the entire Himalayas. The mighty Yarkand and Shagskam rivers drain the waters flowing north from the great Karakoram peaks and carve deep channels through the mountainous landscape. The valleys here are at a much lower altitude than those on the Pakistan side of the range, giving a greater vertical height gain to the high summits. Many thousands of trekkers and climbers have seen the majestic Karakoram 8000m peaks from the Pakistan side, but few have ventured on the long trek through China to view K2, Broad Peak and the Gasherbrum from the north.

Sir Francis Young husband became the first western explorer to see the north side of K2 during his epic 1887 journey to cross the Old Muztagh Pass.

This trek follows the same route, approaching the mountains along the valleys of the Yarkand and Shagskam rivers. The area was first explored in detail and mapped by members of Eric Shipton's 1937 'Blank on the Map' expedition. Even a hardened traveler like Shipton was overwhelmed by the scenery. He wrote "The cliffs and ridges of K2 rose out of the glacier in one stupendous sweep to the summit of the mountain 12,000 ft above. The sight was beyond my comprehension and I sat gazing at it with a kind of timid fascination..."The highest point reached on the trek to base camp is the 4,900m Aghil Pass. From here, there is a magnificent view of the high peaks like Gasherbrum 1,2 and hidden peaks. The Shagskam River cannot be forded safely in the summer months; therefore travel in this area is restricted to the spring and autumn.


Most of the hiking is at altitudes between 12,000 and 15,825 feet en route to the K2 Base Camp, with rough trails winding through long stretches of river rock and soft sand along the rivers, There are occasional fast-moving streams to ford or hop over by wading or jumping from rock to rock, which requires some agility and good sense. For the wide river crossings, we will ride on the camels. During the day, we should have sunny skies and fairly pleasant temperatures from 15-28C. Night time temperatures will rarely drop below freezing, except during the three nights at high elevation in Italian BC when they may be as low as -5C. Rain is unlikely in this high dry desert region, but snow is a possibility while we're beside the K2 north glaciers,

. We hike on loose screed with no established trails when we ascend beside the glacier on moraine. On trek, the average hiking day will be 6-8 hours, with ascents and descents. There is one 15,800-foot pass to cross. Beyond the Italian Advance Base Camp, there is an optional ascent to 17,075 feet for spectacular views of K2.After the Chinese Base camp, three-night trek onto the K2 north Glacier, you must be fit enough to carry a 8-to 12 kg pack at altitudes of 13,000 to 15,350 feet on the trek up to the Italian BC , This section will be bit strenuous due to the altitude as well as the fact that we are crossing hills of loose glacial moraine and mostly stay beside the mountain rather than walking on the glaciers, if You have previous backpacking experience ,that would be very helpful ,. There is no climbing involved, but glacier side walking involves hiking over jumbled, uneven layers of pebbles and rock debris and sometimes on areas covered with snow. Crampons and ice axes are not necessary but your boots should have excellent tread on them.


In order to Acclimatize to the altitude for the K2 area and to avoid the altitude sickness , we have arranged three night /four days preparation trekking in Karakoram mountains along the Karakoram highway in Karakul lake and Muztagh Ata before we officially start the trekking ,average altitude in that area would be from 3600m-- 4400m with 6hrs trekking per day so that will definitely help to acclimatize the similar altitude in K2 North ,for those who might come from Sea level ,it would be best and important to be in that kind of altitude before the start of the trekking . Please also note that individuals vary widely in both their physical response to high altitude and the ability to acclimatize and, since physical fitness does not confer any protection or facilitate acclimatization, it is impossible to predict how you will adapt to the altitude. The greatest protection is avoiding rapid ascents and allowing time for acclimatization. Your body can adapt to altitude if given time. We feel this itinerary specifically provides that option, but you must individually pace yourself to go slowly and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Do not push too hard regardless of how physically fit you may be or feel. Early symptoms of high altitude sickness include: headache, nausea, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, vomiting, dry cough, irregular breathing, shortness of breath, fatigue, swelling of ankles and eyelids. It is not uncommon to experience some of these symptoms when you first arrive at high altitude and then to have them decrease in severity within a few days. It is important that you inform your Trip Leader immediately of any symptoms or discomfort, however minor, so that they can help you monitor the situation. Medical conditions that are aggravated or complicated by high altitude include heart diseases, lung diseases, pregnancy, anemia, and sickle cell disease. It is imperative that anyone with any of these Conditions consult their physician in detail before attempting this trekking expedition., however having spent few days in karakul lake area in advance could make sure that you acclimatize the weather and you have very little chance of having altitude sickness during trekking to K2.



Arrive Bishkek by flight and meet with our Kyrgyz guide and driver at the airport to transfer to the hotel in Bishkek INCL: D

Accommodation type: Asia mountain hotel in Bishkek,


After breakfast in hotel , drive to Tashrabat town near the Chinese border and arrive in the afternoon , stay overnight in yurt to acclimatize the first altitude in 3000m, INCL: BLD, accommodation type: Kyrgyz yurt


Today start from Tashrabat and arrive at the Kyrgyz – Chinese border Torugat pass around the 11AM and meet with our Chinese guide and driver at the border ,change the vehicle and to transfer to the immigration and customs to officially enter China ,after border formalities , transfer to the kashgar city to stay in hotel , INCL: BLD , accommodation type: chinibagh hotel in kashgar


Today we will drive on adventurous famous karakoram highway to karakul lake for 5hrs ,stop[ along the way for photos , this trip would be our acclimatization trip to prepare the high altitude trekking for k2 , some of you might be coming from sea level , so for those , trekking around the karakul lake ,Muztagh ata and kongur mountain range area in Pamir’s would help so much for acclimatize the weather in karakoram ,and you will have chance to explore the Pamir ranges and enjoy the landscape and view of dozens of 7000m peaks including muztagh ata 7546,kongur 7719 and kongur tupe 7200m, we will stay overnight in yurt beside the lake karakul at the altitude of 3600m,

INCL: BLD accommodation type: Kyrgyz yurt


After the breakfast in karakul lake , we will start walking for 5 hrs to the koqkaqi village for our further acclimatization trekking , today will gain altitude of 600m and arrive koqkaqi village in the evening ,koqkaqi village located at the boot of the Muztagh ata at the altitude of 4200m,

INCL: BLD Accommodation type: Kyrgyz yurt


Acclimatization will continue today after breakfast , hike further up to the bottom of Muztagh ata to explore the kangshiwar river and glaciers ,and come back to koqkaqi in the evening , INCL: BLD ,accommodation type: Kyrgyz yurt


Our Acclimatization trip in Pamir mountain ranges will end today and will get back to kashgar and officially start for k2 , trek for three hours back to subash village and meet with driver there and drive back to kashgar for 5 hrs ,

Accommodation type: chinibagh hotel 5* in kashgar


Today we drive to Karghilik in a four wheel drive taking the Southern Silk Road. This leads us to Karakoram, stopping for lunch in former imperial capital of Yarkand belonging to the Uyghur people few centuries ago. We arrive in Karghilik in the afternoon transfer to our hotel. (INCL: BLD),

Accommodation type: Delong hotel 3* in Karghilik


Drive to Yilik(raskam village) which is the last point that we can reach by vehicle and start our trek with camels from there . first we need to reach Mazar village so that we have to drive on the Xinjiang - Tibet highway, then turn further west direction to go through northern Karakoram to reach Yilik by crossing the Yarkand River ,We will spend the night in Kyrgyz House in Yilik (INCL :BLD) ,

Accommodation type: Kyrgyz yurt/Hut


Today we load the all camels with our equipment in the morning and start our breathtaking trekking expedition to K2. After 5hrs trekking we will arrive our campsite at the junction of the Surakwat rivers. Today’s trek is smooth - just walking on the stones in the narrow valleys and walk on the side of the Surukwat River. We will camp overnight in little oasis at the river junction of surukwat . INCL: BLD,


Today we will trek up to small campsite qokur otak (4300m) at the foot of Aghil Pass (4900m). Today's trek will be preparation for higher altitude and our crossing of Aghil pass next day. We will have an overnight camp at the foot of Aghil pass, INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: camping, walking hours: 9AM -4 PM,


The trek today is bit difficult compared to the other days because we cross 4900m Aghil pass with all of our equipment loaded on the camels gain considerable higher altitude up to the pass and we will lose 1100m altitude from the pass until we arrive Kerqin and it takes another 3 hrs to be in kerchin from the pass. It takes 4 hrs to be at the top of the pass. From the top of the pass we have a great view of the Karakoram Mountain range, possibly we can see the Gashirbrum 1,2 and hidden peaks and we will camp on the other side of the pass beside the Shaksgam river at a spot named Kirqin at the elevation of 3800m. INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: camping walking hours: 8AM -5 PM


The trek today is very smooth, we will pretty much keep the same elevation for next two days until we arrive Chinese base camp , but slightly downward in altitude following the Shaksgam River downstream and arriving at the overnight campsite in Ottur Jangal(kizil balghun) , but we cross the river quite few times today with camels on the way, when we cross wide streams , we will get on camels , but we will cross the small streams on our own under the instruction of the guide, so that sandals are very useful when we cross the rivers and wet land , so we need to stay with the camels and camel man to be on the camel back when we need to cross wider river , INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: camping, walking hours: 9AM -4 PM,


After a few hrs trek today we will have our first view of the giant mountain K2 after we start from kizil balghun , , We will make the shortcut walk over the small hill altitude little bit and get back to sarpo lago river side ,from the top of the hill ,we will have first view of K2 , and we need to cross the river few times today before we arrive Chinese base camp ,We arrive in Sughet Jungal by following the Sarpo Lago River. Sughet Jungal (Chinese BC) is one of the greenest parts of Karakoram with grass, trees and bushes on the delta of the K2 Glacier stream and Sarpo Lago glacier stream, as soon as we arrive Chinese BC, K2 is not visible,so that we need to hike three hrs to see it more closer again next day ,Overnight camping in Sughet Jangal, INCL: BLD ,

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: 9AM-4 PM


(Spot at northern most edge of K2 north glacier)

You will have rest in the morning until the lunch time at Chinese bc , and we will start trek up to the karatash camp site for three hours after lunch ( spot also known as Pakistan BC even though it is not Pakistan territory ,because Pakistani climbing agencies use the spot for support K2 north climbing) ,karatash is flat and safe camping spot just 400m a head of the northern most edge of the k2 north glacier ,it is safe in terms of land slide ,glacier falls ,rock falls that most trekkers are using as campsite on the way to advance base camp , and as soon as we arrive there ,we will camp and enjoy the first full view of K2 and also can catch the whole sun set view , INCL: BL , Dinner we will prepare ourselves with help of the guide ,

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: 2PM -5PM,


After package breakfast in karatash , we will enjoy the sun rise view of k2 in the morning ,and we will set out in the morning with all of our backpacks towards Italian Bc , we will gain 400m altitude today even though it is not long by distance, we will not be walking on the glaciers , we will walk in safe track between mountain and glaciers, walking on the glaciers are not recommended , there is no hidden glaciers which we can not see under our walking pass ,glaciers are very clear and visible ,so that there is no chance of falling into hidden glaciers ,our camp for next two days will be at Italian BC ,we would arrive at the Italian BC by lunch time , we will have our lunch after we set up our tent , we will enjoy the view of k2 in the afternoon , , INCL: meals will be prepared with help of the guide ,

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: 9AM -12AM,


After breakfast at Italian BC , we will start walking towards K2 along between glacier and mountain to be at Korean BC and to be at last point trekkers could come , we will enjoy the view of K2 and it’s north glacier ,strength of this part of the trekking is very similar to the part from Karatash to Italian BC , lunch would be at Korean BC , guide would have his stove and gas cartridges to provide hot water for drinking and for meals ,last point we could reach would be 500m further towards K2 from Korean BC where the Chongtar glaciers and K2 North Glaciers are connected , from there we will have best view of K2 with white glaciers in front , your best photography will be made on this part ,

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: 8AM - 4PM,


After breakfast in Italian BC, we will head back to Chinese BC where our camels men and cook are waiting, we pack up our luggage and will arrive at Karatash within 2 hours and we will meet with Donkey man and give them our backpacks to transport them back to Chinese BC, we will keep out backpack as less weight as possible, and walk another 3hours to the Chinese BC after our four days of explore on the higher altitude, INCL:D

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: 8:30AM - 5PM


After long and exhausting days on the higher altitude of K2, today we will rest and enjoy the peaceful mountain, if any one would like to make a day hike towards a different direction, you should ask advice from the guide; guide could arrange a day hike towards sarpo Lago glaciers, INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: no walking, rest day,


After breakfast, we need to pack up everything load up to the camels, and trek back towards YIlik after our breathtaking adventurous expedition to K2, we will trek along the sarpo Lago River and will arrive Shaksgam River and will camp in oasis with desert trees which camels can feed themselves, INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: 9AM- 4PM


After the beautiful walk in the Shaksgam river valley, we arrive the junction of the shaksgam and Gasherbrum which has outstanding scenery of landscape ,we will climb little bit up towards Aghil pass and stay overnight in green spot where we can have clear spring water for cooking , INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: 9AM- 4PM


We have the experience of crossing aghil pass from other side, but this side takes more time, cross the agel pass 4900m back to our camp site chokur otak on the other side of the pass /SHEEP FOLD INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: 8:30AM- 4PM


After breakfast, we will start walk back to kotaz beside the surukwat river, INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: camping , walking hours: 9AM- 3PM



Drive to karghilik early in the morning after crossing the few checkpoints will be arriving to karghilik by lunch time: INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: Delong hotel in Karghilik ,

Walking hours: 9AM- 12AM/ drive another 5hours until Karghilik


Drive 3 hrs back to kashgar, lunch would be in the one of the typical Uyghur restaurant in kashgar, you will have free of time to relax in the afternoon, INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: Chinibagh hotel in kashgar with swimming pool,


After the outstanding successful K2 trekking from Chinese side of karakoram, we have to have a day off to visit the historic Silk Road Cultural city Kashgar, Kashgar is fabled as "the best-preserved example of a traditional Islamic city to be found anywhere in Central Asia", although the city is becoming more developed.

Kashgar was a very important hub on central Asia's Silk Road and one of the earliest Islamic cultural centers. Today it is still the Islamic cultural center of China and also very important as the western most special economic zone in China.

We will do full day excursion in this city, and visit the Kashgar central Asia Market, Apak Hoja tomb, Idkah Mosque and the Kashgar old town. We will enjoy Uyghur local cuisines like kebab, hand pulled noodle in the best Uyghur food restaurant in Kashgar.

South and Central Asia Market: it is supposed to be the biggest market in central Asia where is center of the east and west trade, more than hundred and fifty thousand people would come to kashgar market for shopping every week from nearby towns and central Asian countries ,it is a universal commodity market that has all sort of goods.

Apak Hoja tomb: The mausoleum is one of the finest examples of Uyghur Islamic architecture in China. Its large dome of 17m in the center is surrounded by four corner minarets with strips and arabesque floral patterns. It was initially built in 1640 for the powerful religious and political leader Apak Hoja and five generations of his relatives buried inside the tomb.

Idkah Mosque: The largest mosque in China and 12th largest in the world, Idkah Mosque is unique as one of the best preserved examples Uyghur architecture and can hold more than 20 thousand worshipers on Friday prayer. The mosque was built in 1442.

Kashgar old town: Well preserved, this Uyghur residential area was first settled 1100 years ago after the Uyghur people converted to Islam during the period of Great Karakhanid Dynasty. This dynasty dominated the whole of central Asia from the 9th century to the 13th century. Kashgar was a capital of the Karakhanid Dynasty and an important cultural, political and transportation hub in Central Asia’s Silk Road. The Karakhanid Dynasty imperial palace was also located in this old town and some parts of palace wall are still visible.

Because of its unique, old fashion medieval style, the old town attracted the attention of Hollywood and was used to shoot a lot of scenes for the film “The Kite Runner”.

More than 60 thousands of Uyghur families still live here behind hand-carved poplar doors, many in tumbledown rentals, others in two-story homes that vault over the alleys and open on courtyards filled with roses and cloth banners. We can still see architecture and the lifestyle of people directly derived from medieval Karakhanid Uyghur culture. We may have a chance to visit one of the families living here. INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: Chinibagh hotel in kashgar



1- After breakfast in hotel, those who came to kashgar via Bishkek through torugat will cross border from kashgar to Naryn today, our guide and driver transfer the clients to the torugat pass first for border formalities, after that Chinese guide and driver will take you further up to the Kyrgyz-china border gate where you can change vehicle into the Kyrgyz side, our Kyrgyzstan side of the partners will pick you up to transfer you to Naryn city, INCL: BLD

Accommodation type: Khantengri guest house in Naryn

2- Those who came to kashgar by flight via Urumqi or other major cities in china, you can depart with flight from kashgar today, driver with guide will be arranged for airport drop off,


After breakfast in hotel in Naryn. Driver and guide will escort you to Bishkek, arrive Bishkek in the evening, transfer to the hotel,

INCL: BLD , Accommodation type: Asia Mountain Hotel in Bishkek


Today after the breakfast, prepare to depart from Bishkek to fly back home, and end the 2017 K2 trekking expedition on china side, we wish you all the best in the future, INCL: B

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