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                       Urumqi and Turpan Home Staying Tour




Tour Overview: This is a private tour, we will assign private guide, car, van and bus in each city and no other participants will be allowed to join in your group. Also the tour is totally flexible. Moreover, if you would like to do some adjustment in this itinerary, PLZ Email: silkroadexpedition@hotmail.com, in what area you are not satisfied, we can adjust the itinerary according to your every request.

Tour description: Highlight of the trip is Home Staying in Turpan, you can stay and eat with local Uyghur family, and this trip helps you to get deep knowledge of Uyghur Culture and live hood style

Duration: 3 days

Best time: April to November

Departure Date: Any time

Destination: Start from Urumqiand end in Turpan or Urumqi

Proposed Hotel Arrangements for This Trip







Day 1

Tuha Petroleum Hotel

4 star


Day 2

Huozhou Hotel

4 star


Daily Itinerary



Day 1       Arrive Urumqi to Heavenly Lake

ArriveUrumqiby morning flight, picked up by tour guide and driver atUrumqiairport, and drive to Heavenly Lake (TianchiLake) one of the most beautiful natural site inChina, hike around the lake, dinner in yurt. Drive back toUrumqistay in hotel.

Day 2         Urumqi to Turpan

After visiting Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous regional museum in the morning which is one of the best museums in China with its ancient Mummies and distinctive ethnic people cultural showcase, we continue driving to Turpan, visit Karez Museum and Tuyuk village, Gaochang ancient city, after visiting we will stay in one of the local Uyghur family near by around the Turpan or in Tuyuk village

Autonomous RegionalMuseum: best museum to get to know the ethnic minority people’s history and culture with its very ancient archeological findings, possibly the must see place while you are in Xinjiang.

Turpan is located in theTurpanBasinwhich is deepest basin inChina, northeastern part ofTaklimakandesert. it is the Key city on the Middle Silk Road and unique Uyghur Buddha cultural City throughout the Buddha cultural period in the history of Uyghur’s until the 14th century ,then Islam became completely dominant in this area since mid 14th century , Turpan has some very well preserved ancient ruins that protected by UNESCO

Karez Wells: More than 5000km long Karez was one of the greatest constructions of China ,Turpan's Karez water system is made up of a horizontal series of vertically dug wells that are then linked by underground water canals to collect water from the watershed surface run off from the base of the Tian Shan Mountains and the nearby Flaming Mountains. The canals channel the water to the surface, taking advantage of the current provided by the gravity of the downward slope of the Turpan Depression. The canals are mostly underground to reduce water evaporation.

Tuyuk valley: lovely valley in which the small Uyghur village located, when we walk around the village we can absorb the Uyghur residential lifestyle in Turpan,

Gaochang ancient city: called Idiqut (also called Karahoja) city in Uyghur, located 30km south east of modern turpan, Gaochang was built in the 1st century BC; it was an important site along the Silk Road. It played a key role as a transportation hub in western China. A busy trading center, it was a stopping point for merchant traders traveling on theEastern Silk Road. There is some documented history surviving today, perhaps stories passed on through oral tradition exist to detail the history. It was burnt down in wars in the 14th century. Old palace ruins and inside and outside cities can still be seen today.

Day 3    Turpan City Tour  then Drive to Urumqi

Today we visit the following three sites, and depart fromUrumqiby taking night train or evening flight

Jiaohe (Yarghul in Uyghur)AncientCity: it is called Yarghul ancient city in Uyghur and well preserved, excavated mud UNESCO ancient city ruin in the world. earliest settlers of this city was no later than 1800 years BC, it is abandoned in 14th century AD when the Islam became dominant in the area ,All the houses, even few stores as well, were built by excavating the clay ground .that’s the distinctive different part than any other ancient cities throughout the silk road .The city was built on a large islet (1650 m in length, 300 m wide at its widest point) in the middle of a river which formed natural defenses, which would explain why the city lacked any sort of walls. It is UNESCO site,

Emin Minaret (sugong Ta in Chinese): only Islamic tower inChinabuilt in 18th century, one of the best examples of Uyghur architectural design,

International Bazaar: one of biggest local product commercial Market in Xinjiang, Urumqi International Grand Bazaar only local Market with great Uyghur traditional architectural outfit,

Depart from Urumqi by taking night train or evening flight

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