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First Name Jay T Review from Brunei Knowledgeable, Reliable, Competent, Responsive, Honest Uyghur run tour – Excellent!!! I don't normally write review on tour company but I feel like I have to this time because the service was GREAT. Here it goes: My sister & a friend (3 of us) visited Xinjiang in March 2014 and prior to that, we had done a lot of research as to which tour company to use. Finally after many email exchanged with different tour companies, we had chosen Waheed Tour www.silkroadexpedition.net for our 9 day excursion. Waheed proposed a fantastic itinerary where not much alteration was needed as it was almost perfect. Accommodations were 3 stars hotel (upgraded us to 4 stars in some places) for a very good price and all the hotels were clean and comfortable. Furthermore, we requested to pay the tour upon our arrival in Kashgar and he agreed. Our itinerary includes: Kashgar/Opal Village/Karakul Lake/Tashkorgan/Khunjirap Pass/Kashgar city explore with Sunday aminal market/Yarkand/Hotan/Taklimakan Desert overnight with camel treks (airport pick up to send off). The guide is actually Waheed himself, the owner and manager with a reliable driver named Dolkunjan on a 8 seater comfortable van. Waheed is very knowledgeable and speaks excellent English as he used to be a Geographic and English teacher. Dolkunjan is a very steady and careful driver and always on time waiting for us. We had so many wonderful and authentic experiences from overnight near Karakul Lake with Kyrgyz nomads, sheep and yak herding around Mt Muztagh Ata (our own fun the next morning as we saw many Shepherds with hundreds of sheep), journey on Khunjerab pass with snowcapped mountains to Pakistan border with armed Chinese militants (very safe), camel trekking into the deadliest Taklimakan desert overnight on a tent with barbecue meat and naan for dinner in the middle of desolated desert with nothing but drifting sands, thousands of stars and moonlight and many more wonderful moments. We felt very safe as Waheed was with us all the time. We always had the possibility to stop the car whenever we want for photo sessions and we took our sweet time with no rush as both Waheed and Dolkujan are very patient. Brought us to affordable yet delicious restaurants and very thoughtful in making us comfortable as certain places could be slightly rough. We were never brought to factories or places where people force us to buy things. It was a very authentic experience. We have so many wonderful memories all thanks to Waheed for organizing such an amazing journey. Having been to almost all places in Asia, it surprised us that Waheed tour is one of most professional, reliable and trustworthy in this part of the beautiful world and most of all made us feel very safe. Do note that Kashgar is safe and the Uyghurs are very nice people. If you have the opportunity to visit Xinjiang, I would without hesitation recommend Waheed (www.silkroadexpedition.net) at waheedtour@gmail.com Trust me, you will have a great time. if you would would like to directly contact with me inquiring about his service ,feel free to write me email : lockedsecurity@gmail.com Rahmat.
Last Name
Date March 2014

First Name Philip Craig Review In August 2013 my partner and I ventured into Xijiang primarily to visit Kashgar and travel to the border region near Pakistan. I had read a great deal and understood that for foreigners, the checkpoint at Gaz would provide some challenges. China controls, very strictly, travel up to the frontiers. (We later witnessed the thorough checking of buses and cars en route) We were draw to Kashgar by its very old markets, its primary location on the Silk route, its history with Marco Polo and Genghis Khan to mention only a few of the attractions. We wanted to experience the old town, the food and culture. We were not disappointed and spent over 5 days in the area. We researched a suitable guide to enrich the experience and better connect us with the area and people. Often I have traveled without tours and guides to add to the flexibility and immerse in the culture but in this case considering the region challenges and some unrest in recent times (fine for foreigners) I handed over to our guide Waheed. The beauty of the guide and driver combination was total flexibility. We found ourselves landed in the old quarter of Kashgar to stay day one. We were taken to the most exquisite local restaurant a veritable Aladdin's cave of an experience veiled, bejeweled women and superb food, all very magical. We set off on the famous Karakoram Highway up to the Pamir Plateau over the following days to Oytagh Glacier, Karakuli Lake under the magnificent Mt Muztagh and stayed in a Felt Yurt with a Kyrgyzs family who invited us to dinner. The following day up to the Pakistan border (all at altitude). Returning to Tashgurkan, the stone fort and on to Kashgar and her markets and back streets. There is a life time of memories in the above passages. How to choose a guide. I opted to research and use word of mouth. I looked for some one who had lead expeditions on Mt Muztagh thereby proving their organizational skills (I am an old mountain climber and know what it takes). I found and recommend Waheed waheedtour@gmail.com who was the most delight engaging guide. He was sensitive to our every need and had that wonderful capacity to read between the lines and cater accordingly in an unobtrusive way and was totally intune with what we were really looking for. His wealth of regional and cultural knowledge is astonishing. What I found important was his connectedness to a range of locals and officials along the Karakoram Highway. That opened doors instantly. His driver was excellent and believe me on the treacherous Karakoram Highway you need a driver of his skill, maturity, patience and judgment. Philip Craig from Australia : philipcraig123@gmail.com
Last Name
Date Aug 2013

First Name Brian Spivey I know many people new to the region wonder whether they ought to use a guide for Xinjiang or not. I had the same question and I eventually decided to use a guide--even for those fluent or conversational in Chinese, a whole realm of experience and interaction is opened in Xinjiang by having someone with you who can speak Uyghur. Also (understandably so), there doesn't seem to be as much information regarding the various guiding agencies in Xinjiang as can be found about many other places in China. Given how enjoyable my trip turned out to be, I thought I would leave a review of my trip for those still undecided about which agency to use. I ended up spending 3 weeks travelling all over Xinjiang with an English-speaking guide named Waheed in May 2015. We travelled nearly 8,000km together. Our itinerary was as follows: Kashgar-->Tashkurgan-->Kashgar-->Yarkand-->Karghlik-->Hotan-->Kucha-->Bayanbulak--Karamay-->Kanas-->Hemu-->Urumqi-->Turpan-->Dunhuang. As you can imagine, we spent a great deal of time together and I think that I can safely say I know him as well as any of his clients. The experience from beginning to end was great. For anyone who is interested in going to Xinjiang and is looking for a guide, they need ought to give serious consideration to Waheed of Silk Road Expeditions. This is the same Waheed that has been described in a few other tripadvisor reviews here. 1) He was much more affordable than every competitor who quoted me a price for a 3 week trip. He was also attentive to my desire to visit as much of Xinjiang as would be possible in 3 weeks (hence all the driving). He quickly provided an itinerary that fit my needs and was open to changing any and all parts of it as I so wished. For those nervous about the inflexibility of having a guide, Waheed was open to changing the itinerary even as the trip was ongoing. He also facilitated several homestays with locals when it was legally permissible. He promptly responded to every email I sent him and was helpful in providing all necessary forms for my visa application. 2) His entire itinerary as a whole was great, but a few highlights were: Kashgar, driving the Karakoram highway, Tashkurgan, crossing the Tian Shan, and the homestay at Hemu village. I recommend trying to include some of those places in your itinerary. Kashgar is an ancient city still full of life and character. The Old Town quarters are slowly disappearing, but the city still has plenty of history to see. The Karakoram highway is one of the most exhilarating drives in the world. The change in climate over just a few hours is remarkable to experience and Waheed knows a Kyrgyz family on the road to Tashkurgan that can offer you tea, bread, and a night in their yurt if you desire. Crossing the Tian Shan was remarkable as well. In mid-May I could not believe there was a snowstorm at the top of the pass, especially considering the day prior we had practically been in the desert. The views of this (newly constructed) route rivaled that of the Karakoram highway and one can see Kazakh animal herds and yurts all throughout the drive. Hemu is a half-Tuvan, half-Kazakh village in a secluded pocket of far northern Xinjiang. Waheed arranged a stay with a very welcoming and interesting family in the village. 3) The restaurants he took me to were suitable. Per my request, we stuck mostly to inexpensive, local places, but he also knew of places that were more expensive and had Western food options if I so desired. He was attentive to the fact that I wanted to eat as much and as many different varieties of local food as possible. 4) The lodging he planned was fine and fit my needs. To save costs I asked to stay at the cheapest places available and to do home stays when possible. Most hotels authorized for foreign visitors are 3 star or above and so I opted to stay mostly at 3 star hotels. I also had several home stays with local families in Xinjiang—all of which were wonderful experiences. 5) Waheed is very knowledgeable about the history of Xinjiang and culture of the Uyghurs. I encourage anyone who uses him as a guide to ask him about Uyghur culture and the history of Xinjiang. My conversations with him in the car while travelling across the Taklakaman or the Tian Shan were absolute highlights of my trip. He is a great resource for anyone interested in these topics. A few final notes: Waheed is a good driver, his English is superb, he has a number of connections all over Xinjiang, and—importantly—he is a very genial and easygoing person. You can e-mail him at silkroadexpeditions@hotmail.com Brian Spivey from USA email : spiveybr@gmail.com
Last Name
Date May 2015

First Name Jeffrey We had an amazing experience in Kashgar and the surrounding area all thanks to the fantastic services provided by Waheed from www.silkroadexpedition.net After much deliberation with different agent, we decided to Join Silk Road expedition due to the responsive correspondence and reasonable price quoted for our 9 days excursion which include Opal village, Karakul Lake, Tashkorgan, Khunjirap Pass, Kashgar Animal Market, Yarkand, Hotan, Taklimakan desert which include overnight camp plus camel trekking. There is no highlight on this trip as every pit stop was truly an amazing experience in itself. However if I must pick one, it has to be camel trekking and overnight camp in the Taklimakan desert as it was the first time I ventured into a desert to camp overnight. It was truly a memorable experience. Waheed set up our tent beautifully and had barbeque lamb skewer for dinner. He is very capable and hands on. Being a guide, owner and manager taking in all the responsibility and I must say he did a great job in making sure our tour run as smoothly as possible with no compromise in quality. Should there be any changes to the itinerary due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances, he will informed us in advanced and if need be, he will revise our itinerary without compromising. On top of that Waheed also got us a great driver, Dolkunjan with an 8 seated van. Dolkunjan is a very polite gentleman. He always make sure the van is clean so our journey was as comfortable as possible especially at time we had to spent long hours in the van traveling to places. He was a true professional, always on time with the van waiting for us. All in all, great itinerary, clean and comfortable hotel, well spoken and professional English guide. No complain at all. Give them a shot. We truly had an amazing experience, so could you
Last Name
Date March 2014

First Name weka Sasmoyo Went to Xinjiang in January 2015. Mostly exploring Kashgar and its surroundings for 4 days then goes up to Urumqi. I am not a person who normally goes around using a tour but as I was planning to go to khunjareeb pass in china-Pakistan border and to Shipton's arch. Public transport is difficult at that time of the year and given the combination of I am a solo traveler, multiple checkpoints, permits and terrain ruggedness. I thought to myself that this time, for this part of the trip it is the right thing to do. Come across Waheed from Silk Road Expedition on trip advisor in one of the comments. A bit of research on Google reveals contact number on silk road expedition's website. Dial it and it was Waheed himself answering the phone! From there on we've exchanged emails for discussing my requests & quotes. His reply is always prompt, never have to wait for days and he tells me the condition of the places as is (confirmed when I arrived on the site). He speaks English fluently and very flexible with my requests and timetable. His guiding style is unique, I feel like I was treated like a friend who came to visit the area. he was always pointed out interesting landmarks and places that only local would know as well as the story behinds it. Overall it was a fantastic experience which were only made better by having Waheed as my guide. I benefited so much from his rich knowledge of the area's culture, history, people and everything that is going on in general. Can't recommend him enough if you are planning a trip to xinjiang area. Weka Sasmoyo from Australia : w.sasmoyo@gmail.com
Last Name
Date Jan 2015

First Name Denis Poulsen Waheed , of Silk Road Expedition, was our wonderful, helpful guide while the 4 of us were in the Kashgar region of China. We found him to be extremely knowable of the culture and history of the area. He was able to easily communicate with us in great detail about the people and their way of life. We enjoyed our tour of the Kashgar markets and we were impressed by the love Waheed displayed about the region. Waheed demonstrated a very professional attitude while being accommodating with our requests. The tour went at our pace which we appreciated very much The sights, sounds and aromas of the area were truly magnificent and we will treasure the memories for the rest of our lives. We have no hesitation in recommending Waheed as the number guide in the Kashgar region. Denis & Sandra : dap2@bigpond.com
Last Name
Date April 2013

First Name Elizabeeth Patel The tour I took with Waheed's company in Xinjiang was the perfect ending to my three year stay in China. From start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment. I so appreciated your accommodating my "wish list itinerary", your knowledge and patience with my innumerable questions, as well as being given time to explore on my own. Here are a few outstanding highlights from a trip that was packed with many: camel trekking in the desert, exploring the animal market in Hotan, viewing Lake Karakul, exploring the Stone Fort on the former Silk Road. It was a fantastic, authentic adventure! Thank you for making it happen. Fellow travelers, feel free to contact me at : elizbrees@yahoo.com Elizabeth Rees Patel
Last Name
Date June 2013

First Name Luc Anthonis We would like to write a warm recommendation for this guide, Waheed, too. The two of us visited Xinjiang and its major highlights in the summer of 2015 and had a really beautiful trip. Waheed proved to be a very experienced guide: he speaks English fluently, knows his country and people extremely well, and is very flexible. He was always ready to adapt to our wishes, and nice company tout court! Luc Anthonis from Belgium email : lucanthonis@gmail.com
Last Name
Date July 2015

First Name Bjoern Kempe I can absolutely recommend Waheed to anyone to explore Kashgar and its surroundings - properly there are no better guides than him. Bjoern Kempe from Germany ,email : bkempe@yahoo.de
Last Name

First Name Marc DE LA BRETEQUE I would like to thank you again for your great welcome tour we have had together this summer Aug 1-9th as it was really instructive & an amazing experience, in particular around Karakul lake with a complete night & trek over there. We will certainly keep in our memories fantastic landscape of Hindu Kush, real kindness of Kashgar inhabitants, amazing food based on lam and wooden cooked bread ! We can certainly recommend your experience & professionalism of your company for any new tour you will have in the future. Wish you all the very best, Yours sincerely, Marc DE LA BRETEQUE Director Strategic Accounts SDV – Bollore Logistics Paris, France m.delabreteque@sdv.com
Date Aug 2013

First Name Jacob GHAZARIAN The need for a knowledgeable guide by tourists in China is often ignored. But, as a seasoned explorer and author, I will not hesitate to write that to understand the impact of the ancient history of Xinjiang Province on today's China as a modern nation, it is imperative that Waheed‘s silkroad expeditions is selected for a journey of lifetime memories. Undoubtedly Waheed will deliver an enjoyable itinerary packed with facts that will illustrate progressively how the Medieval Uyghur Culture what we know present day as Silk Road culture exists in Xinjiang., if anyone wants to know more about my trip with waheed in xinjiang , feel free to email , Jacob Ghazarian Author from USA jghaz@btinternet.com
Last Name
Date December 2009

First Name IGOR SZABEDOS "Waheed from Silk Road Expedition proved to be an excellent guide in the region. He is well-connected and knows the region very well, where he has been a guide for 20 years. His e-mail replies have always been prompt, his communication clear, his pricing transparent. Never had an issue that I felt I was uncomfortable. He speaks fluent English and is very flexible with my requests and timetable. He understands that all travelers have special interests (e.g mine is portrait photography) and he was patient in markets, while I took pictures. He is knowledgeable, accommodating and as an Uyghur, has a lot of insights into what is happening. It is such a unique place in the World that I really recommend to those interested in exploring a place that will surely change in 20-30 years and will loose its authenticity. This is the time to visit! Waheed is proud of Kashgar and its history and is very knowledgeable." Igor Szabedos from Hungary igorszabados@yahoo.com)
Last Name
Date Aug 2013

First Name Eus and Ingrid We hebben een interessante reis gehad, waar we met veel plezier aan terugdenken. We hebben een goed inzicht gekregen in de geschiedenis van dit bijzondere gedeelte van China, en de manier waarop de Oeigoeren en Chinezen met elkaar omgaan. Onze Oeigoerse gids, Waheed, was heel prettig en heeft ons veel over de geschiedenis en huidige situatie in Xinjiang verteld. De hotels waren overal heel goed. (...) we hebben een heel boeiende reis gehad waar we met een goed gevoel aan terugdenken. Het is een heel bijzonder gebied waar nog van alles zal gaan veranderen. We zijn heel blij dat we daar nu geweest zijn, voordat het echt Chinees wordt." Eus en Ingrid from Holland e.g.j.m.arts@kpnplanet.nl
Last Name
Date May 2010

First Name iztok cukjati It was a great experience climbing Mustagh Ata (7546 m) and discover the old Kashgar city with Waheed,he is true professional very helpful when we are at the basecamp not only professional in mountaineering but also extremely knowledgably on silk road culture . Highly recommended Iztok Cukjati from Slovenia iztokcukjati@gmail.com
Last Name
Date July 2010/2012/2013

First Name Ingrid Duijkers Waheed was our guide for almost 2 weeks when we travelled in Xinjiang. He is a very competent guide, with extensive knowledge of the region and the Uygur culture. He understood our wishes and arranged that they were fulfilled. And, important as well, he is a kind man and pleasant company. We enjoyed our trip with him and strongly recommend him to anyone who plans to travel to this fascinating region Ingrid Duijkers from Holland e.g.j.m.arts@kpnplanet.nl
Last Name
Date May 2011

First Name Marc Fontaine & Sylvey Mairlot Waheed has been our tour guide during more than 1 week on the Silk Road. His service has been above expectation but more important: his culture and knowledge of the area and its history has been a real added-value, far above our expectation. I strongly recommend Waheed for any one who want to travel in Xinjiang province. Marc Fontaine & Sylvey Mairlot from France syl.mairlot@yahoo.fr
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First Name Hira Damala I was so fortunate to find you as special friend and reliable travel source of this wonderful area. As a mountain veteran from Nepal, I see no errors in everything you are doing More over you profound knowledge of your culture and History gave me thrilling experience of the area which is inspiring me to come back as much as I can. Rakhmat. Your friend in Nepal. Karnali Excursions ( Pvt). Ltd. (In front of Hotel Yak & Yeti)
Last Name
Date March -April 2013

First Name Robert I contacted Waheed to act as our agent and to take us on a memorable journey on the Southern Silk Road from Kashgar to Dunhuang following the Southern Talkaman Desert for 2,200 miles. We entered China from Tajikstan crossing over the Toragurt Pass and Waheed arranged the myriad permission papers which we could not have done on our own. He took us to Kashgar and I was very much disappointed. I say this from a prospective that I came to Kashgar 22 years ago crossing the Khunjarab Pass from Pakistan and attended the Sunday Market. Then it was fantastic with thousands of traders coming to Kashgar with their wares and in their colorful national dress. Now the Chinese do not allow the traders from the surrounding "Stans" and the market has mainly been relocated to a huge hangar like building and it was nothing like my first visit. Not much left of the old Uigher areas, having been demolished by the Chinese to "imrove" Kashgar. Waheed took us back up to the Khunjarab Pass and the scenery is still magnificent but unfortunately there is a huge road and water project under construction and for about 50 miles it was a horrible road. From Kashgar we headed out for the five day journey on the Southern Silk Road and our first stop was Hotan and here the market is very much like the old Kashgar Sunday Market. Throngs of people selling all kinds of goods, services and animals including camels, goats, sheep and cattle by the thousands. We even watched a dentist who set up his "office" out of doors and was pulling teeth surrounded by a curious crowd of onlookers. This Sunday Market I would highly recommend over the Kashgar Market. Also there is a huge jade market by the appropriately named Jade River and thousands of pieces of jade of all sizes and colors are laid out for sale. Uighers only, no chinese present. From Hotan we proceeded east stopping for the night in Cherklik and Hotagou, passing numerous checkpoints manned with fully armed soldiers in full combat gear and armored vehicles parked nearby. Cherklik has a great museum which houses very well preserved 2,400 year old European mummies, which was a surprise to anthropologists and historians because before these mummies were discovered they did not think there was contact between China and Europe. There are also mummies on display in the small museum of Cherchen. On the road to Hotaugou we climbed up to the Tibetan Plateau and again we were surrounded by snow capped mountains and it was very cold. Hotaugou is an oil town and not much here except the one hotel appropriately named the "OIL Town" hotel filled with oil workers. We were the only westerners and after we checked in the hotel called the police to inform then that two Uighers, Waheed and our driver, had arrived with two foreigners. The police wanted to know why Waheed was traveling with two foreigners but he had the necessary papers so we did not get the travel experience of checking into the local jail. We arrived Dunhuang and here are the largest sand dunes I have ever seen which includes Saudi Arabia. They are magnificent. Also we visited the Magao Caves, a Bhuddish complex of several hundred caves built about 1200 years age and they are adorned with beautiful murals, Bhuddish statues and once housed a huge library of manuscripts which sadly have been looted. It was a wonderful experience made all the better by Waheed from Silk Road Expeditions. He is knowledgeable about the history of this region and speaks excellent English. During the entire 2,200 mile journey from Kashgar to Dunhuang we did not meet another Western traveler so if you want to get off the beaten road and experience snowcapped mountains and the high desert, this is the place. Please feel free to contact me us I can be of any help email :sailorbobsub675@aol.com Robert and Carol
Last Name
Date May 2013

First Name David My family and I have traveled extensively across the world to many remote places and invariably used local tour companies and guides. We have never been disappointed. Equally have never written a review. Waheed however pushed the bar so high that I really felt that an excellent review was justified. The company provided a really good outline for exactly the experience we were looking for and then happily allowed us to introduce subtle changes that we wanted to create an entirely bespoke experience. Waheed facilitated this whole procedure interjecting with suggestions of his own as he quickly engaged in the direction we wanted the tour to go in. His command of English is near perfect and there was never an issue with communications. In addition Queries and questions that I sent by Email were always dealt with quickly, nothing was too much trouble. Payments were easy despite the difficulties in arranging Chinese currency from aboard. In addition he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with regard to visa applications. Waheed was reliable in every sense of the word and used his experience and ingenuity to keep to our itinerary despite the usual blockades that appear unexpectedly in remote parts of the world. Car accidents blocking highways, camels going walkabouts, glacial floods actually blocking the Karakorum highway. Somehow we always prevailed thanks to Waheed. Having said this we did feel the need to make some changes of our own and these were accommodated without any difficulty whatsoever. We were looking for a Silk Road adventure, which we got, with knobs on. What we hadn’t anticipated was the immense amount of historical and cultural information that Waheed was not only able to furnish us with but did so at every opportunity. To say that we were well looked after would be an understatement. Restaurants were chosen in accordance to how hungry we felt, he arranged at the drop of a hat opportunities to change money, organized updating my Chinese sim card, negotiated with our hotel when we lost our room key, arranged our laundry, took us to the pharmacy when one of us was ill and even produced a pack of playing cards for us one morning having over heard that we were having trouble finding a shop that sold them. It can be slightly worrying setting off to a remote place on the other side of the world, being almost entirely reliant on one person who we had never met. Quite a lot of people had remarked that this seemed rather reckless. I am very pleased to say that they couldn't have been more wrong.
Last Name Sargeant
Date July 2016

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